Little Miss Marlaquin by Jo Ann,Will & Bonnie

A Loving Poem Written For
{July 28 1990-April 8 2002}

That lovely fall day in November
Is one that we’ll always remember
For that was a day like no other
You were finally old
enough to leave your Mother.

You had the sweetest face
we’d ever seen
And knew you and Bonnie
would make a loving team
We loved you right
from the start
And by the time we got home
you had your place in our heart.

Little Miss Marlaquin
you brought so much love too.
Never has there been one
so precious and true.
Surely God meant you
to bring joy to our lives
As his gift of you
brought only blue skies.

Year after year you were right
there beside us.
Always the good little girl
placing in us your trust
Through the years good and bad.
Bless you sweet Marla
we are trying not to be sad.

One day the angels
came to take you away
Such a brave little girl
right to the very last day.
They like us could not stand
to see you in such pain
As we kissed you goodbye
our tears fell like rain.

Dream sweet dreams
our dear little one.
May you always have
a special place in the Sun.
Until we see you again
we will try not to be blue
Knowing God is now
taking care of you

Beautiful memories locked
in our hearts and mind
Are the treasures
you have left behind.
Bless you and precious pets
of every kind
May God’s peace you all find.

Major Heart Throb
Jus-Tin-Black & Jennifer too
Have been waiting at the Gate
to welcome you
May you all be happy chasing Sunbeams
And remember we’ll see you
in our dreams.

Created for our little love
May 22 2002

By Jo Ann Will & Bonnie
{Mommy} {Daddy} {Sister}


Little Miss Marlaquin
8, April 2002
Jo Ann,Will & Bonnie