Littlefur by Jennifer Bunda / Littlefur

To my dear Littlefur,

I’m so sorry to have had to let you go today. I loved you very much and will miss you very much. I will always remember the day I adopted you as a kitten, how sweet and affectionate you were then, and how you used to love to play with your stick and feather toy and jump on the bed to wake me up with a little kiss on my arm.

I’m sorry for all the fear and pain you’ve suffered through these past few years. I hope now you are at rest in heaven and have finally found the peace and security you cherished.

Goodbye my little one fur. Ho-ito ito. Thank you for 9 years of your joy, sweetness and affection. I will never forget you.

Love mommy,


Goodbye my little one fur,
13, Apr 2006
Jennifer Bunda