Lord Buckeroo Bonzai by Tim / Your friend and pal Tim

Lord Buckeroo Bonzai first graced my life in 1988, and it has been the better for it. Bonzai came to me when I was all alone. He was a curmudgeon at times, full of life, and the best of friends. He was my first true friend, of any species. He was there for some of the toughest spots in my life, as well as the most glorious. Through it all, his love, his indomitable spirit, his friendship comforted me, stood by me, lifted me up and truly made me a better person. He took it in stride, when my wife, and her Daisy Dog entered our lives.

He even took fun in mischievously taunting Daisy, staying one step ahead, or just out of reach, to both of their fun. He even comforted her, at her end. Bonzai, also never blinked an eye, when our sons were born, taking guard over their cribs at night, and eventually making ‘muffins’ with our oldest, to Connor’s great joy.

You even settled with your smaller share of my attention pie, my friend. His blue eyes, always held a glint of knowing, of mischief, of love. I will miss the way he was always waiting for me, at the door of our apartment, what my wife called ‘The Cat cave’, playing stalk, watching football with you curled up on my lap, you being there when
I was sick, sad, hurt with your love.

I will miss your wild tearing around the place chasing your imaginary prey, rubbing heads and making muffins. I will miss you taking simple comfort in a warm sunbeam, or in my rubbing your softest of soft ears.

In short, I will miss you, my ‘partner in crime’. Your were a Prince, a unique and kindred spirit that gave much more than you took. My life was graced, and bettered by you sharing it. I love you my friend.
Goodbye, you shall always be in my heart.


To Bonzai, a kindred spirit, friend, confidant and partner,
Lord Buckeroo Bonzai
17, June 2005