Lucky by Bridy

Now That You are Gone
My days are lonely with out you.
My days are dark when the sky is blue
I miss you Lucky more then you will ever know
and I wish to have you back.

I wish to smell you one more time.
to touch your soft bunny like fur.
I wish to kiss your cheeks again
And for me to feel your sandpaper tongue
on my lips.

Oh how I dream of holding you
Forever never to let go.
My dreams are what comforts me
In this sad and depressing state of woe.

I see you in my dreams at night
you are happy and well.
As am I.
I get comfort from these dreams at night
Cause I know they don’t tell lies.

“I want you back”
I always say
As tears run down my face.
“I want you back”
“I want you back”

I cry myself to sleep most nights
Mostly because I want to believe
You will be back some day.
I look at your picture everyday all day.

My memories are still hard for me to recall.
I still miss you so.
I look at your Gold Brass urn where your body rests
Ashes they are to some
But gold jewels of life they are to me.

I miss you Lucky.
Your spirit is with me.
I can feel you beside me now.
Oh! I hear you purring and signing to me softly.
You sleep on me at night-time or beside me
what ever you choose.
I kiss your picture before I sleep
and kiss the air too!
I miss you Lucky.
Your food is still here
I have not thrown it away yet.
I can’t not yet.

“I want you back Lucky”
My heart is aching now I know what
A broken heart feels like.
And this one won’t mend.
I don’t want to stop writing to you
My Sweet Angel
You are my Angel who is in
My presence always.
I feel your love.
I miss you.
I love you.
I want you back.
I need you.

Lucky My Sweet Angel

Written for Lucky on August 6th 2000

By: Bridy Richards her Mom


15, July 2000