Lucky by Jennifer


" Lucky "

1988 ---- April 22 1999

Border Collie Mix

Lucky Lucky Lucky- how to find the words to say goodbye

to tell you how special you were my best friend.

I'm holding on to your image but it is slowly fading,

I'm fighting to remember your voice and your smell but

those are dissapearing as well.

I can see your fresh grave from my bedroom window how sorry

I am that you had to go before either of us was ready.

I know you loved life and you loved being in mine as I was in yours.

The grass is growing greener and the birds are chirping

you are about to miss your first summer.

Thank you for sticking by me during the best and worst

times of my life thank you for your love.

I miss cuddling in the mornings

I miss you stealing my slippers

I miss sliding you treats from the table when

Daddy was pretending not to be looking

I miss your excitement when I walked in the door

I miss picking up those dirty socks you hid under the bed.

I miss the"gonna getcha game"!

I'll never forget you pretty girl Never.