Lucky by Ken & Kim Hart / Mommy and Daddy

It was a rainy day the first time we saw you at the construction site of our new home. We were waiting for the building crew to leave for the day when you walked by looking very wet and cold. You walked under their truck just as they started backing up. You were lucky not to be run over as they left. When I called for you, your little legs could not carry you fast enough to us as you jumped on my leg, crying for attention. We could tell you were not an ordinary kitten on the street because you were so very friendly, muddy paws on my face and shoulder, talking all the time. At the time, we already had two cats, so I put you on the ground and went into the house. You cleverly found the only open window and joined us inside. While I worked, you went to Momma, curled up in her lap, and went to sleep. Hardly an eye opened while I was banging around inside the house. When we moved to the car, you barely stirred as we drove home. After a bath you really needed, you ate so much that I thought you would pop and when you settled on the couch next to us and went to sleep,
we decided to keep you.

You would always sleep in bed with us, wake us with kisses, and walk on us to get attention. You had the softest purr, but what you lacked in purr, you made up for with love and affection. A friendlier, more loveable cat will never,
ever be found.

Now, you live in our memories. I miss your contented drooling that made my sleeve wet whenever I would hold you in my arms and pet you. Now my sleeve is wet only from my tears. We miss your lovable and playful attitude you showed us to the end of your days, which came entirely too soon. You gave us all the love you had, and more. Allie, Katie, and Misty are waiting for you, and now you can play together again.


Until we are all together again please wait for us at the rainbow bridge.
26, July 2013
Ken & Kim Hart