Lucy by Beth Goodrow / Mom, Dad, Brandon, Bridgette and Mommy

The morning of August 8th, 1996 was the day Lucy entered my world. My two year old Shih Tzu “Daisy”, was giving birth to her litter. I prayed that they would all be healthy, but in my heart I hoped for a girl.

The first three out were all boys, black and white. They looked like little cows, how cute were they. Then the fourth one was a girl, I screamed with joy. She too was black and white and instantly thought since she was black and white her name would be “Lucy”. I love the old tv series “I Love Lucy”. What a perfect name for someone I was waiting for.

Throughout the years we watched her grow. We sometimes thought she was a little slow and considered her our special friend. There were times she would run into the sliding glass door when it was closed. Or the times when she would try to jump onto the couch and miss. We knew she was special, for she was the runt.

Our hearts loved her, even as her lip seemed to always catch on her tooth, giving her a special something that everyone loved. We have 6 female dogs, or should I say 5 now. I felt being a vet technician that I was educated in her disease of liver failure. I had her on 4 medications twice a day for over a year. Things were going good, so I thought. On March 6th my husband and I headed for a wonderful vacation for our anniversary for 11 days.

My mom, being the animal and human lover she is, watched my furry friends and my two teenage kids. Life was wonderful. On March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day, I came home from the airport to find my Lucy disoriented and ill. I rushed her to my work where blood results indicated the liver disease was progressing quickly. I was caught off guard and frighted. I have seen people go through this horrible decision and have shed may tears with them. I promised myself I would not let it get to a selfish point.

I feel Lucy sent me the message on March 18th when I looked into her eyes after countless hours without sleep. She said “Mom, you are here, I am ready to go and I waited until you could hold me to say goodbye”. That decision was the hardest, most confusing decision I had to give. I knew in my heart that is what she would have wanted. What a gift we have, we can give our furry friends the dignity
of dying with pride and comfort.

If only humans had the gift to give each other. I will always remember her goofy face, and still catch myself calling “Loo-Loo”, come get a treat. It makes me smile and tear up at the same time. What a wonderful memory for my family and I. Thank you Lucy for 8-1/2 wonderful years.
You are always with us.

Love You, Mom, Dad, Brandon, Bridgette and Canine mom “Daisy


Beth Goodrow