Lucy by Charetta / Mom

Lucy girl, I miss you so bad it hurts every single day! You were my best friend, my strength, my everything. You helped me through everything bad in my life. Your unconditional love spoke volumes to me. I will never ever find another dog that could top you girl!

I placed your fraile body in a place in my yard where the sun always shines. You loved sunning yourself while I was working in the yard. I have an empty void in my life without you. I knew the day would come and I hope you did not suffer, you did not deserve to suffer. I still remember when I saw you last, you wanted to go bye bye with me and I said no. If I would have taken you, you might still be with me, I am sorry LuLu! The comfort I take in is that you got your McDonald’s double cheeseburger (plain) the night you passed on, I knew you enjoyed that burger, I could always see your smile. I spoiled you because I knew our time together was limited but just wish you could have stayed with me a little longer.

I miss our “nightly talks” ok, it was me talking to you but you knew what I was saying. I miss you Lucy girl so much! I will love you forever, you were the greatest dog that ever ever lived!!!!


Love for you forever
31, Aug 2005