Lucy by Kathie Taylor / Kathie

Ten Things I Will Miss About You,

1. Seeing you waiting for me by the door every night when I come home.
2. Your cute little stubby Manx tail.
3. The way you looked at me when you woke me up every morning begging for your breakfast.
4. How you always followed me from room to room just to be near me, and how you always came when I called.
5. The whisper soft feel of your little paws that I could barely sense when you jumped up on the bed.
6. Your slapstick antics that earned you the name Lucy when you were a funny little kitten.
7. Your beautiful green eyes and your little white mitten paws and bib.
8. Feeling you rub against my hands so I wouldn’t stop petting you.
9. Fifteen years of memories.
10. Your loyalty, affection and trust.

Five Things I Won’t Miss

1. Cat fur on all over my sweaters.
2. The litter box.
3. The time you puked right inside my brand new boot when you were jealous of the parrot.
4. The way you used to scare me when you jumped up onto the ledge of the balcony three flights up.
5. Having to say my last good bye.

Good bye my sweet little baby. We were so close and then I had to send you away because I loved you so much I could not let you suffer. I hope my own guardian angel has now taken you under her care and that you now have wings of your own. You will always live on in my heart.


Goodbye my sweet little baby Lucy,
22, Mar 2007
Kathie Taylor