Lucy by Lisa / Mommy

June 1, 1994 to June 30, 2005

You came to us quietly and unassumingly.
A young rescue dog discarded when you were young.

You sat on my lap in the car quietly looking out the window,
Probably wondering what was going on.

You entered our lives and gave us joy,
with your warm brown eyes and chronic smile.

You had the habit of nudging people with your head to get them to pet you because you loved attention.

When we went out and came back home,
you greeted us as though we had been gone forever.
You would wag your tail from side to side
and give us that big jump hello.

A beautiful Labrador, so young and strong,
Who had a fear of water and thunder storms.

You sighed when you didn’t get your way
You vocalized your feelings well.

You follow me everywhere even up the stairs a thousand times a day.

You tolerated new pet members, but displayed that emotion called jealousy, yet you knew you were Top dog in our hearts.

You put us in our places when you thought we were loud and argumentative,
You knew when we were sad and gave us the comfort we needed.

We nearly lost you when you were young,
But you fought that illness and won.

There were times you caused us grief,
and could be down right annoying.
We would push you away and scold you
But that would only last for a minute.
For when you hung your head, we melted away and called you back for some loving hugs.

For 11 years you were loyal and loving
Your sudden passing was difficult for us.
Although the signs of illness was there,
difficulty with walking and heavy breathing,
we just couldn’t deal with the fact you were getting old.

Your last night on earth, you acted fine.
You came into my room to sleep for the night.
You nudged me for a hug and laid quietly down.
You woke me up with heavy breathing and told you to go to sleep.

Like a good dog, you listened well,
and quietly laid back down.

Realizing you were almost gone,
I hugged you tight and kissed you goodbye.
I hope you knew I was there even though you couldn’t respond.

I am so sorry, I didn’t know you were trying to tell me goodbye forever.
It was hard to see you had passed away, feel your energy Ebb away.
But I am glad I got to hug you once last time, pet your head and rub your belly.

So, Lucy my girl, you will be missed and our lives will never be the same.

We will miss your greeting us at the door and the empty feeling we all now must endure.
We knew in our hearts you had a good life, and it was your time.

But we wish you could still be here.

You were a good dog and companion. We will miss you a lot. Take care my Lucy girl.


With Love
30, June 2005