Lucy by Shelley Milburn / Shelley

Lucy’s Choice

An Aussie girl named Lucy, about her nothing was known
A fearful look in her eyes
Was definitely shown
She had been neglected and abused
And thanks to Kathleen English
Lucy was rescued!
We didn’t know much about her
But heard she was in need
Of a loving adopter
When she met us she didn’t put up a fuss
But we knew it was love
When she wiggled in between us
Even though she couldn’t speak
She let her eyes be her voice
We knew right away
We had become Lucy’s Choice

It took quite some time
Before she came around
She preferred to be alone
And rarely made a sound
Finally, she began to ask for our touch
That’s when we knew
We loved Lucy so much
At dinner she would be so patiently standing
Knowing a piece of food to her I would be handing
How can a dog that once had a life of pain
Give us humans a chance
To be near her again?
Even though she couldn’t speak
She let her eyes be her voice
We knew in our hearts
We were still Lucy’s Choice.

A year has passed…
And we find out that Lucy is ill
We know she will beat this
She has a very strong will
We’ve been told she only has a short time to live
But how can this be?
I still have more love to give
How can God only give me…
A year of her life?
The thought of losing her hurts,
Like the stabs of a knife
I thought to myself what am I to do?
I know the day will come
When I won’t hear “woo woo”
What made Lucy choose me I always ask
Because of her my life
Felt like less of a task.
But the day has come when I look in her eyes
She already began saying her goodbyes
So on this day we helped end Lucy’s pain
In hopes that she can forgive us humans again
As she takes her last breath I quietly say
“Please wait for me, we’ll be reunited one day”.
The day has come when her eyes can no longer be her voice
This last moment of her life
Was still Lucy’s Choice.


5, June 2005
Shelley Milburn