Lucy by The Cochrane’s / Your family

Wee Lucy

A single shining little star,
A memory loved more by far,
A bond that none can break nor scar,
Through Love shared with Wee Lucy.

The years we grew in age and love,
Are ever stronger from above,
There is no substitution of,
The joy we had with Lucy.

Our memories will still remain,
Of little Lucy in the rain,
Escape attempts that brought much pain,
You were so sweet Wee Lucy.

And we just need to let you know,
We did not want to let you go,
But you were needed for the role,
Of our Wee Angel Lucy

Past friends will jump in great delight,
Upon the Beauty of your sight,
Bruce will be your shining Knight
And keep you safe Wee Lucy.

But we will always keep you near,
Through seasons shared throughout the years,
With no regrets and with no fears,
That we were loved by Lucy.

There are no words to let you see,
The happiness you brought to me,
Through years within our Family,
I love you loads Wee Lucy.


To the best friend anyone could hope for.
We all love you so much.
23, May 2003
The Cochrane's