Lucy-Fur by Jacky / Jacky

I Remember
I remember the day you came to me
I remember the love we shared.
I remember watching trust grow in your eyes
As quickly you learned I cared.

I remember watching you grow
Self assured so smart an strong
I remember the pride and joy I felt
And I will my whole life long.

I remember our days together
I remember the sound of your purr
I remember you lying beside me
And how soft and warm was your fur.

I remember that our time seemed endless.
I remember each second,each day.
I remember the night of your passing.
And wish taht night would fade away.

I remember that we’ll have forever.
I remember that someday we we’ll meet.
I remember, but still how I miss you!
Angel girl, my darling, my sweet.


Gone But Never Forgotten,
20, Aug 2001