Luke by Diane and Chuck Nicholls / Mom

Luke came to us a rascally puppy who got into everything. He chewed up books and precious artifacts and looked up from his deeds with the face of a little angel, knowing he was in trouble, but not for very long. He developed glaucoma when he was 7 and had a very long year of medications and ointments that really didn’t help his pain much but he was so good allowing me to put the drops in 3 times a day. When the drops stopped bringing his pressures down, he had to have his eyes removed and at least his pain was gone. He coped with blindness quite well, bumping into things, but learning how to manage.

About 6 months ago, he started acting lost and anxious and was afraid of everything. We tried medications and trips to the vet, but eventually he lost his battle with the disease he had. We miss him so much and his little bed is still in the same spot it has always been and
probably will be for a long time.

Luke, we love you and we know that you are running with your buddies, able to see, and feel the wind in your fur. We will see you again, my boy! Take care of grampa.


Until We Meet Again,
21, Jan 2010
Diane and Chuck Nicholls