Mabel by Paul Chan / Dad and Mom

We will never forget the day she joins our family…

Around fifteen years ago, we got her from our brother’s friend (since his parents won’t allow him to have a pet, Mabel has been staying in a cage since birth). Right after she came to our house, we bathed him and cut her hair (that’s messy like a homeless). Unbelievably, she looks so cute and pretty after the grooming.

The days when she was young, she liked to play ball with us whenever we have time. She never complained even we left her home for a whole day. She never barked even my parents carelessly hurt him during bathing or grooming. The only time she barked was when some strangers try to approach our house – but all her life, she never hurt anyone. The best time with Mabel was she companied me to University and quietly stayed in the room of the residence during morning. She was so good that she didn’t bark (or else the dorm would have send her away), hold not to pee, eat little – just waiting for me to come back to feed and play with her. In her life, she even had six puppies and all of them should have grown up. Although we gave the puppies away (cos we cannot have seven dogs at a time), she hadn’t complain and seems to explain our situation.

In her last few years, she has been so quiet, eating and bathroom are her main activities. She had been so good all her life and had overcome some serious sickness, just hoping to spend some more time with us. Even the last day with us, she didn’t give us a suffering pain look. She laid in her bed, so weak and dehydrated. It was the hardest decision to say good bye to her but I deeply believe she has already crossed the rainbow bridge and waiting again to meet us someday where no sorrows and death will tear us apart.


With love,
Paul Chan