Madison by Jennifer Hensler / Mommy

My Mattie Girl

I write this for you,
My beautiful black Shar-Pei.
My world was torn apart,
When you left me yesterday.

I cry so hard as I write
Because words cannot replace.
The tender kisses you gave to me,
Each time I touched your face.

I’ll never hear your footsteps,
That would fall upon the floor.
I’ll never see your wagging tail,
When I come through the the door.

I see your empty dishes and your
beds have not been touched.
In time I’m sure I’ll move them,
But right now it hurts too much.

I thank you for your loyalty and
for the memories you gave.
I know you know I loved you,
Though your body I could not save.

I know you are in a better place,
Your pain has gone away.
I know that you will be waiting for me,
When we meet again one day.

You will be forever loved,
And will always be part of my world.
Good Bye for now,
I love you so.

My Precious Mattie Girl.


I'll love you forever,
3, Feb 2004
Jennifer Hensler