June 1991 —– Oct. 10 1999

Tiger Cat

“How can I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be?”

That theme from the movie “Love Story” came to mind

as I tried to think how to begin my own love story.

My story begins in the winter of 1991.

Two cats were living with me Sunrise who was an orange

tiger and Tiffany a beautiful tortoise shell tabby Persian.

Tiffany began strange behavior where she would steal socks and

meow over them so I figured she wanted a baby.

Thus began my search for Tiffayn’s baby.

I spent all that winter looking for a kitten preferably a long haired calico.

By the end of June I almost gave up finding one then I saw an ad giving

away free kittens. I called and was told there was only one left that someone

else was supposed to come to look at her and that they would call me back

if they didn’t take her. They called back later to tell me the people never showed

up did I still want to come. My husband and I got there and were shown a kitten.

Quite disappointed because the kitten was outside medium haired a

gray/black tiger and not at all what I was looking for I prepared to leave.

The woman then asked me the question that changed my life forever:

“Would you like to hold her?” As soon as I touched her she practically jumped into

my arms and crawled up me to rest on my shoulder.

She was so small and when she nestled into my neck I knew she was

coming home with me.

Because of the other cats’ jealousy of her I spent the entire first weekend

sleeping with the new kitten in the living room and she loved it.

She slept nestled against me my neck and stretched out against me with her

arms around me. It took the weekend to name her and while watching the

cartoon “The Simpsons” and seeing their baby Maggie that’s what I named

her. It fit so well. Thus began the love affair between Maggie and me.

Maggie was so small only about 5 weeks old and she could fit onto

the palm of my hand. She was so loving and as the years went by

she never lost her loving way with me.

She never did become my other cat Tiffany’s baby. She was mine.

She acted as if I were her mother and I played the part.

As she grew (and grew and grew!) she still enjoyed nestling against

me stretched out with her arms around me and nestled into my neck.

We had a very special bond she and I. We connected we were tuned into

each other like I never knew was possible.

Next to our nestling with each other the biggest thing I remember was

how frightened Maggie was of thunder. She was so frightened that one

thunderclap would send her running under the couch.

It was the only situation that I would be unable to console her.

Even fireworks sent her running!

I began nursing school in August of 1999.

Maggie loved to study with me and sit on my books

in the hope of having my attention instead of studying.

I loved her so much. How could I have known we would only have

2 more months together.

I was at school the morning of October 4 1999 when all of a sudden

I became violently ill. Once I got home I was all right but realized Maggie

wasn’t feeling well. I thought she was empathizing with me but as the

week went on it was obvious there was something wrong.

By Sunday October 10 1999 she was gone. She was only 8 years old.

My baby my little girl. While moving through the grief I came to realize

that when I became so ill at school that was when our “connection”

was being severed.

Maggie was a wonderful wonderful cat.

She was the best cat I have ever had the pleasure of

loving and there will never be another to take her place.

Maggie was the best. She was always there for me loved me

unconditionally and followed me everywhere in the house.

I still miss her more than words can say.

I will always always love her.