Maggie by Becky McLean

Maggie came into my life about 3 years ago.
I walked into the pet store just to look around and
walked out with this very friendly hamster.
Maggie was my first pet.
She always seemed to recognize me.
She would come running to the side of her cage when I
would come into the room. She loved to run in her little ball.
Maggie had three litters of babies through the
three years that I had her.
Alas none of them had the temperament that she did.
Sadly Maggie was taken from me October 7th 2001.
I had to put her to sleep because of a tumor.
It was the worse thing I could have ever gone through.
I still think of her often and wish there was something
else I could have done to make her
little life last longer.

I love you and miss you Maggie.



Becky McLean