Maggie by Emma / Mummy

My Maggie’s came into my life on the 13th July 2005, she was only 5 weeks old and her mother had regretted her and her 2 sisters. Her owners hadn’t even noticed till one of the girls died. Thats when I decided to take her and raise her. She was tiny and very sick looking, but with lots of cuddles, loving care and sleepless nights I raised my beautiful baby.

In February 2006, we started Dog Obedience and she excelled, striving to please me at every instance, she learned so quickly and I was extremely proud of her. Maggie had many special things that just made her so special to me, she used to lift her top lip like she was smiling, and she use to give me a cuddle by cuddling up under my neck. She went everywhere she could with me and was always happy just to sit in the car. She was my pet, my family and my best friend, she was always there she always listened and never complained.

On March the 23rd 2007 I went away for the weekend for a wedding and I couldn’t take her, I dropped her off at my mums house on the Friday hoping sunday would come fast so I would be back. On Sunday when I got home my mum came over without my baby. Thats when it happened, the worst moment of my life to this date, Maggie had been hit by a car on the Friday afternoon, not long after I had left. I felt my heart hit my stomach and then be ripped out.

I miss her so much and often still have a tear when I go home after work and she isn’t there waiting. I miss her dedication and her love for me. Maggie “I love you sweetie and I miss you so much”.


I love you always,