Maggie by Frank Sause / Maggie

You ask me why I’m feeling Blue
If you were me, you would be too
My faithful friend has passed away
I tried so hard to make her stay
She was my pet and trusted friend
I did’nt want her life to end
I Hugged her every morning,kissed her every night
Just knowing she was near me was a great delight
Maggie,my Beagle was only 15 when she died
It hurt so to lose her,I just sat down and cried
If Time can heal the hurt and pain
Time stands still till she comes home again
But I know all my wishes, all my prayers
Won’t help her down the Angels Stairs
She is gone I’m sad to say
Now all I can do is hope and pray
Someday we will meet at that heavenly place
And I will hold her and kiss her sweet face
God gives and he takes is very true
But takig my Maggie is why I’m Blue.


Sadly Missed,
3, July 2007
Frank Sause