Maggie by Sarah / Your Mom

My sweet baby girl, you came to live with me on August 1, 1994. You were 3 months old and weighed three pounds. You were as cute as a button. I had to learn how to take care of you as you were learning how to be my pet. We grew together.

I know now that I got you from a puppy mill. I did not know about such horrible things then. I am grateful that I found you and took you away from that. People teased me that you had a better life than a lot of kids. It was my responsibility to keep you fed, watered, clean and healthy. I owed that to you. So you nearly scooted me out of bed on more than one occassion, it was your bed too. For a little dog, you really knew how to back me to the edge of the bed!

You grew to be so gentle..and silly. I just knew that someday your wiggle buttt would fly off because you got SOOOO excited when anyone came. After almost 13 years, you still greeted me
that way every time I came home.

You got me thru many difficult times. Especially after my surgeries. You knew how to just lay by me and let me pet you.
I was so comforted by you.

My sweet girl, you made so many people smile. Both nursing homes that we visited….people still ask about you. You see, they forget that you are gone but even in their forgetfulness, they remember You.

Mariana and I still tell stories about you. I am trying to teach her that it is okay to be sad and to be happy too when she thinks of you. We still laugh about the time you sat on her lap. I will never know what made you do that but it sure was funny.

Now when I drop things on the floor, I have to pick them up. You don’t come running at the sound of the fridge door opening or the crinkle of an opening bag.

A year ago tomorrow, I had to let you go. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I also knew it was the right thing for you. I could not let you suffer. I just could not do it. I would have kept you forever if I could have. I pray that you were comforted in being in my arms
as you took your last breathes.

Maggie, I miss you so. I feel that my soul is gone without you. I will forever be grateful to you. You added so much to my life. You were small but you were mighty. I wish that I could hold your pretty little face and talk to you as I did so often. I wish I could see your beautiful eyes that were so expressive.

Sometimes I think of getting another pom, but I could never love another pom as I loved you. I would always expect another to act like you and behave as you did. I would expect it to be gentle as you and silly too. There could never be another Magster.


Someday..until then, my sweet baby girl, I love you with all my heart