Maggie by Suzanne / Always in my heart from all the family

You were a stray when we find you all skinny and full of fleas. We took you home and loved you from the first time we saw you. We had a dog called Lucy, who accepted you in our home; she guided you when you were alone and sick, and followed you into the garden when you needed protection, just to go to the toilet.

It took you a year for you to trust us, and then you were 100% our family, we loved you so much and still do forever.Then into the 5 wonderful years we had with you, we took you the the vets, where we found out that you had heart failure, and you had to take tablets for the rest of your life. You were great on them! For only one year.
Then my beautiful Maggie had a turn for the worse and had to be put to sleep, not long ago.

We will never forget you my darling. You were a diva to the end, when it comes to tablet time and you’re not here it breaks my heart. I love you so much and if there is a such thing called heaven I hope we meet again, my baby. xxxxxx


Hope we meet again my darling,