Maggie Mae by Colleen / Colleen

Maggie graced my life for 6 years after I found her looking totally depressed & defeated in our local dog pound.She was the most gentle, loving and smart dog I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Everyone loved her & she returned that love most eagerly. Initially scared and defensive, she blossomed into her true Golden nature and joined me on the job every day for several years. She had legions of fans at the playground, was in her glory while swimming and remained an amiable, elegant girl until her very last.

We fought Malignant Melanoma for 3 years until I finally had to let go of “the best darned dog that ever lived”. I will be forever grateful for having been blessed with this most wonderful of beings. She taught me a great deal about devotion and created a “gold fever” which will remain with me for life. God bless you Miss Maggie and remember
“Make him fly!”


I miss you baby girl,
Maggie Mae
10, June 2007