Magnum by Becky Evege / Mom

I’ve had Magnum since the minute he was born,He
was Cinnamon’s son. (She was my beautiful red cocker, and had been a Christmas gift from my husband in 1989 the first purebred dog I had ever owned and the most beautiful baby I ever had, I loved her more than you can imagine.) Magnum was the first born in a litter of seven and the biggest, and special right from the start.
Originally I gave Mag to my brother in law, who had cancer at the time, but eventually Norm got to sick to take care of a young dog so I took him back (not long after that Norm, who was my fave of my husbands brothers, died) So before he was a year old Magnum already had a special history with us. He always did something to amuse us.When he was a little over a year old we found out he had epilepsy. I have always held him thru all of his seizures and whispered endearments to him and I think that made him and I closer than anybody else.
Last December 2001 I took him to the vet ( who I work for). I couldn’t put my finger on why but I just felt like something wasn’t right with him, It was more of a feeling of dis-ease than anything else, he was eating (like a little piggy, normal for Mag) he hadn’t lost weight or acted punky or anything it was just a feeling I had. That feeling turned out to be cancer and on Dec. 15 the Drs. removed his spleen along with a 5 plus pound tumor. They did not get all of the cancer. Even without leaving some of the cancer in there, survival after spleen removal is about 6 months or less on average. He’s a little fighter and survived 10 and a half months. I held him in my arms those last hours this past Sunday and did not want to give him up, but just as we were dicussing one more time whether we should take him up to emergency for “THE SHOT”, He laid his little head down for the final time.
I loved him so much, I hope I didn’t keep him in pain too long just so I could keep him with me. I was able to take him to work with me almost every day for the last few months and I am so glad for that. Maggy Boy I’ll miss you so much. I love you deeply please wait for me and watch out for me From Rainbow Bridge. Tell your mama My beautiful Cinnamon I still love her and think of her daily. I’ll keep your pictures with me til the day I join you. I won’t say good bye Mag, I’ll just say “See ya soon baby”.
I Hope there is somebody up there to give you belly rubs.


I love you baby boy,
Becky Evege