Mama Bear

Aug. 1986 —- Feb. 4 1994

Chow Chow

When I got you in Nov. 1986 you were not the best of the litter.

Oh but you turned out to be the best in all ways.

I believe you were an angel sent to me from God.

You never showed any aggression toward any of the other Chows in

our home or to any people except for one time.

I was showing rentals for my mother in law and a knock came on the door.

You began to growl and lunged at the door.

Before I opened the door I got a good grip on your collar so that you

could not get out the door. I opened the door and it took all the strength

I had to hold you back from the man standing on the porch.

I took a look at the man on the porch and saw 666 tattooed on his forehead.

I slammed the door instantly and locked it and as soon as I did you

calmed down.

I truly in my heart you sensed EVIL standing on the porch.

In Dec. 1993 you were diagnosed with liver cancer.

The vet said you had about 6 weeks to live.

I asked the vet when I would know when it was time to do the right

thing for you. She told me when you no longer barked at the

cats and postal person and stopped eating.

On Feb. 3 you did not eat the steak I made for you.

I knew it was time. I called the vet and set up the appointment for the

next morning for 9 AM. After I did that I laid down on the floor next

to you and told you how much I loved you and if you needed to go

to God it was OK.

You passed away at 4:20 AM on the 4 TH.

You knew it would destroy me to take you on the last trip to the vet

so your last gift to me was to not make me do that.

Mama Bear you were amazing and

I miss you so much.



Mama Bear