Mandy by Sara & Emma / Sara, Micaela, Kristin, Emma,
Abigail & Sophie (your doggy friend, she misses you too)

For too short of a time we had you, Mandy. A silly, playful, goofy puppy. You loved to bury things, most esp pizza crusts & chicken nuggets….but only in the house. Never outside. You loved to chase your tail. Bite holes in our clothes. Bark at neighbors. You would wink at us. Thinking back, I like to think you knew that you’d only be with us a short while.

Mandy was such a sweet, playful loving dog. Above all she loved to play & chew stuffed animals up. She loved to carry toys in her mouth & whine. Since shes been gone, sometimes the wind sounds like her whine, I like to think it’s her telling us that she’s ok.

She was hit by a car & had numerous injuries, 2 broken legs, a crushed pelvis & a ruptured bladder. Oh Mandy, we wanted to save you & we couldn’t. We are so so sorry, sweet puppy. You deserved better; you didn’t deserve to die that way. We held your sweet head as they put you to sleep & still with such severe injuries. You managed to wag your tail & look at us with your sweet puppy eyes. I am so sorry, Mandy, that I didn’t protect you better.

We will always love & miss you. We will always remember you & the funny things you did. There will never be another Mandy as sweet & funny as you.

I hope you forgive me, my sweet little girl. I’m sorry I didn’t love you better while I had you. I’d give almost anything to pet your sweet head again. Having to let you go was more painful than anything Ive ever gone through, yet I know your injuries were more severe than my pain. Please know how we miss you, we will always treasure
your sweet dear memory.

We love you, Mandy. We will always love you. Always miss you. Always be sorry for the way you had to go. I’m so sorry Mandy, so so sorry, I can never say how sorry I am.


Mandy, wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
We can't wait to see you there, sweet girl.
Sara & Emma