Mandy by Shannon

I Must Go”

My time has come and
I must say goodbye.
I know that our life together was not long but
I am thankful God brought us together for my end.
Do not blame yourself;
You did all you could.
Help me go gently now to the Rainbow Bridge
to the place of life and youth and love.
I have fulfilled my purpose here.
You must go on.
Think of me often.
Remember the good times we had and the love we shared.
But do not grieve long.
For I will live on in your heart and in your memories.
And when God says it is time
We will be together again for all the days to come.

In memory of my beloved Pullman-Dog Mandy. Though we were only together for four months it felt like a lifetime. My life is forever changed because of her. She will always be in my heart. I love you Mandy.

Shannon { Mandy’s “Mom” }


27, Jan 2001