Crazy how the days grow long
Yet vacant here where you belonged.

Time has suddenly come to a halt
Are we to blame? Is this my fault?

So often in the days gone by
I’ve needed you home by my side.

And the silent nights are
static dreams
Your passing taken all it seems.

The grief Inside I cannot share
Or words to express
the guilt I bear.

And spring isn’t pleasant anymore
It’s a reminder
of what I had before.

Sometimes I sit in sweying fields
And can vision
your spirit in the hills.

Yet no more are you at my side
Reminding hours of what was mine.

I speak in hopes that
you will hear
The pain in voice
of what I fear.

On that one cold day
when you fell asleep
And I wasn’t there to hold and keep.

Your body limp and eyes
are closed
As you took your steps
into the unknown.

Were you ashamed
that I was gone?
And not at your side
where I belonged?

Or did you know that
I had no clue
That God had simply
called for you?

Only time Will bless
my questions now
I’ve surrendered it all
to survive somehow.

But know that days and nights
down here
Are never the same
without you near.

And when the day comes
and it’s my time
I hope you’ve waited for me outside.

Where we can cross
the gates within
and never grow apart again.

Love was how you
passed this by
Twas through “MY” heart
you touched the sky.

I love you Mariah.



10, Aug 2000