Marlo by Mike & Debbie

Memories of how beautiful and smart you were.

Memories of you running through the hills barking your deep echoing bark.

Memories of you rolling on your back in the grass making those cute little groaning sounds as if you were trying to talk.

Memories of how you would run to us when we called your name.

Memories of you barking for your treats in the evening.

Memories of those soft gentle innocent eyes and your beautiful face.

Memories of how gracefully you walked even when you were so sick close to the end of your time here on earth.

These are but just a few of the precious memories we will always have of you.

Go now sweet puppy to heaven’s door where you will be well and young and able to run again.


We will always love you
and miss you

Mike and Debbie


15, July 2001
Mike & Debbie