Marshall by Carruth



" Marshall "

May 1 1996 ----- Aug. 28 1997

Silver Tabby Cat



Marshall my tabby all silver and black.

Loved nothing better than to sit on my lap.

He loved me to pet him and stroke his soft fur.

He would sit there for hours and just purr and purr.

But now he's in Heaven and I miss him so much.

The sound of his purr his soft fur to touch.

I think of him always and my eyes fill with tears.

He's been gone five months though it seems likes years.

One day in Heaven again we will meet.

I know he'll be right there waiting for me.

He'll look up at me with love in his eyes.

That will make my heart flutter and melt inside.

Eyes that say friend I've missed you so much.

I missed how you loved me and your soft touch.

And then we will be together again.

I'll be able to touch and hold my best friend.

He can sit on my lap while I stroke his soft fur.

And once more I'll be able to hear his sweet purr.

Together again like best friends should be.

That truly sounds like Heaven to me.


Mom loves and misses you very much.