Max by Beth and Mike / Beth, Mike, Scarlett, and your harem

I never dreamed that the little ball of fur that I adopted from my vet’s office would grow into such a handsome little man! You were with me through so many changes in my life. You always knew when I needed a little extra attention,
and never failed to make me smile.

You were ever-so patient as we added new members to our family–and we never forgot that you ruled-the-roost. All our new little girl kitties quickly became your harem!! And each one of the girls has something different that reminds us of you. You taught us about “little legs”,
and the true meaning of “playboy”.

I never thought we would run out of time, but even forever wouldn’t have been long enough!! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and all the silly little things you did. Sometimes I think I can hear your highheels clicking on the kitchen floor, and oh,
how I miss your purrfect ‘meow’!!

I know in time we’ll all be together at the Rainbow Bridge, and until then you will remain in my heart and my thoughts. Happy mousing in Summerland, ye olde pistol…


With love and brightest blessings,
15, Feb 2005
Beth and Mike