Max by Bonnae Casey / Your best friend

Max and I were together from Feb of 93 to this last April. I hated to say “I’ve owned him since” I never felt I owned him. He was my best friend. We met at the city pound, they thought he was around 18 months old. When I saw him in the cage it was almost cosmic. I couldn’t believe he was there. He was so beautiful even as underweight as he was. It was some kind of giant mistake that he would be in the pound. He made me feel safe. I could walk the streets of Chicago day or night, we knew anything he couldn’t handle, I had his back and we would die for each other. I miss him more than I can say. I think of him everyday and have to wonder why, what good did it do anyone to take him from me.


We will meet again
11, Apr 2005
Bonnae Casey