Max by Debbie Yankovitch / The Yankovitch Family

We lost our first family dog today. Max was just 7 weeks old when we brought him home for our daughter Stephanie who wanted a puppy she was just 10 years old. as I reflect back on that day, now 15 years later we are going to lay Max to rest. My daughter Stephanie is now 25 with two children of her own, Max was the best dog; he was a good listener, so kind to everyone and a part of our lives for 15 years. My daughter Michelle never remembered a day in her life without him. He was my husband’s fishing buddy; he was our buddy, so today I say so long to my beautiful black dog, my first dog as an adult. You are in a better place, no more pain. You can run again, and your family will always love you. Goodbye, my Maxi


We Will love you forever.
Debbie Yankovitch