Max by Kathleen & Christian


One beautiful Spring day you came into my life and stole my heart. Your tuxedo good looks and charming ways were all it took. Some unfortunate soul had no idea who you were or what you were capable of so he took advantage of you & hurt you.

IÆll never forget the day that you finally let me touch you. You looked at me & I into your beautiful golden yellow eyes told you “You have nothing to be afraid of.” ThatÆs all you needed to hear because

God blessed each of us that day With unconditional love & trust like no other I have ever known.

That man may have tried to take your voice away but Thank God he never fully succeeded. YouÆll never know how fortunate I felt when you shared your tiny voice with me.

The breeze through your whiskers
was peace & comfort to you.
The trees your playground
in a modern day jungle
And the sound of a birds chirp
your invitation to play outside.
How you loved the flowers in the garden
and I swear you smelled them too.
Not a grasshopper was free from you
& the enticement it offered
you could never resist.
Big Brown Paper Bags were
also your playground
your own private castles.

How you blessed the humans around you with your carefree ways and nonchalance towards all Not a lap could be spared because youÆd melt into anyone if it looked like they had a lap to offer.
Yes God blessed all who knew you because you learned trust and love and gave it to all around you freely.

To come home and have you greet me at my car was always a welcome sight. I loved to watch you run ahead of me when you saw that I noticed you. Even more special was the way you stood upon your back legs And stretched your arms up to me to be picked up. There is nothing so special as a cat who wraps his arms around you to hug you.

Yes MAX you were a remarkable cat and I am so lucky that we had a chance to live and love together for so long.

I will miss you terribly.

I love you.

Kathleen & Christian


9, July 2001
Kathleen & Christian