Max by Nancy / mommy

His Name is Max

Many years ago I picked you out from a litter,
I wondered why a little pup was cowering
in the corner of the box,
You were very light color unlike your sisters who were red,
The owner said “You don’t want that one, he’s the runt”,
I said “Yes I do and his name is Max”.

This became our journey together,
Living at different places and sharing our time together,
Sometimes you were bad,
Like when you got into the groceries and ate a whole pound
Of hamburger or the time you got away from me
And sprinted across a busy street with me at your heels
Trying to catch you. It was always
Very hard to punish you with your big brown eyes,
Wagging tail and licks that said you were sorry.

My little constant companion always there for me
When no one else was,
Through the many boyfriends to the family problems,
You stayed by my side and offered your big brown eyes,
Wagging tail and licks that said you understood.
Many in the family thought you were spoiled rotten,
And you were, I made sure of it.
What more could I do for you with all
You have done for me?

Then one day we got lucky and a man came our way,
I asked him if he liked dachshunds and he said Yes,
His parents have a dachshund named Barron.
For 10 years now you have known this wonderful man
As Daddy and everyday you two played
Frisbee together until you or Daddy were worn out.
Daddy was special for playing Frisbee, for
You would not ask me to play,
Just Daddy.
When the time came when you no longer played Frisbee,
we knew our time together was getting
Closer to ending.

And now the time has come for us to say goodbye,
my little gentle soul,
My heart is aching and I am confused,
I never thought this day would come,
Not so soon.

It is almost 16 years from the day I got you,
Your worn out and tired now and
I must let you go. I will never
Have the unique loving companion
Again like you. You will always
Be my little peanut, my first born, my constant
Companion of unconditional love.
Even though we’ll be apart, I know we
Will meet again someday, somewhere.
I’ll always love you and will miss you

So with this I ask God to welcome you into
His kingdom and to take care of you for awhile,
Play with your Frisbee, run free and wild, know
No pain or weakness,
Dear God, he has been a good dog,
and His Name is Max.


With all my love,
18, Nov 2005