Max by Norrie / Mommy Norrie

To No Longer”..

To wake up and no longer have you
following me around the house;

To no longer be greeted by you
as soon as I walk through the door;

To no longer hear the click clack of your nails on the hardwood floors Or your barking when someone is at the front door.

To not be able to rub your belly
or watch you scratching
your back on the rug;

To no longer feel your tongue
on my cheek when I ask for a kiss;

To no longer look into your bright eyes and
feel the love that they hold.

These reasons and more are why I will always be missing a piece of my heart and why I will always remember you Max, my best friend and loving dog.

May you find happiness with my beloved ones. I await the day when once again you’ll greet me at the gates of heaven.


Rest In Peace My Puppy,
16, Aug 2006