Max by Wendy Baker / Mommy and Daddy

I remember when we first got Max, my husband and I have decided since we were not going to have any children to be pet parents instead. We searched for the perfect little dog, then we got Max. He was so small he could fit in the palm of our hand. He had a big name although he was tiny, his full name was Maximilian, like the french Emperor,
but we called him Max.

My sweet Max, was smart, too smart for his own good, he loved the outdoors and could not be inside the house no matter what. Loved to chased squirrels, will even pass on his dinner just to stay in the backyard waiting for one to show up on a tree.

One afternoon, on the front porch he broke his leash and took off wandering I guess, when I went to check on him all I found was his broken leash. We are heartbroken, we searched for 6 hours the first night under snow storm.

No sign of Max, not even dog prints. We drove around, biked, walked, it was like he was swallowed by earth. We miss him, we still hold hope he is alive somewhere and will make
his way back home to mommy and daddy.

He will always be our “cow belly” baby; we used to tenderly call him that as we gazed into his eyes rubbing his belly, he has a cow-like spotted belly. I will continue searching for you Max, wherever you are, you brought me happiness, joy and love. Loved and will continue loving you like a sweet child of mine.



My little Emperor,
Wendy Baker