Begging Softly At My Knee

A tribute to Max
by Robert E. James Jr. D.C.

We taught him this
my good wife and me.
To sit there …waiting …
While we would eat
right there he’d be.
Begging softly at our knee.

He’d sit or lay there quietly.
Though at times
a BIT impatiently.
Now and then
a bark would just erupt!
As if to say
“Hey don’t forget the pup!”

On your knee his chin
would lightly rest
A reminder of just
who loves you best.
Eyeing that one
last bite in your hand
“Hey look at me”
“I love you man!”

Not “just a dog”
not this one you see
He was just one of us
part of our “Family”.
Always happy to see you
he’d perk up half-past three
“Mommys coming home soon!”
(He had ESP)

He’d sit-up shake
lay-down beg and roll over.
But in “His” own way
not just some ol’ “Rover”.
Sometimes he’d do all
his best tricks as one feat!
He’d do anything
just to get him a treat!

His place it seems
was always quite near
Inside or out or just,……
sitting here.
Just touching your foot
he often would lay.
For the chance to be near you
that was just his way.

When he’d come in
always stopping to sniff.
To see if he could
just catch a him a whiff.
The “Master” he was
at his favorite game.
Finding hidden treats
his best claim to fame.

On his back he’d roll
(his sign to play)
For a scratch a tickle
some attention to pay.
He’d “grrrrrr” and squirm
and twist and flop.
But he’d bark for real
if you dared to stop!

As a pup he would run
and he’d jump and he’d roll.
But then as the years
they did take their toll.
His greatest joy it
seemed to me
Was begging softly at my knee.

The day we dreaded
too soon it came.
The house our lives
just aren’t the same.
A part of us
we’ve lost somehow.
Our hearts wish
he were still with us now.

The love he gave us
still lingers here
The laughter the joy
good times much cheer.
The tears flow freely
as we do weep.
Soon happier memories
we’ll all of us keep.

Someday I pray at the bridge
he’ll be there
Waiting patiently for me
with nary a care.
We’ll cross it together
just him and me.
Where again he’ll beg softly
his chin on my knee.

Please visit Max’s Memorial Website:



13, Dec 2001