Max Smith by Mom / Max

To Mom

It’s the end of the trail, Mom.
My legs and heart, just can’t go anymore.
The hike was good Mom-
Camping,Christmas, sausage and bacon,
steak, chicken and opening gifts.
But my eyes are dim, can’t see anymore.
My ears can’t hear you come through the door.
I feel your vibrations upon the floor and my heart quickens, in love for you.
But, it’s been a long trail for this faithful old guy, raised two kids by and by.
Chased hundreds of cats and “boogie men”-I’m tired Mom. It’s O.K. Mom to let me go. I won’t hate you.
Don’t hate yourself.
It’s hard now, Mom, the needle sticks and pokes.
I don’t even fight them, the fight is gone.
The steak tastes good upon my tongue,
but won’t stay down to help me run.
So, I wobble around,
I feel lost and afraid, and rub my eyes,
but still there’s shade.
It’s O.K. Mom, to put me to sleep.
We’ll have all our great memories, forever to keep.
Hey, who knows,
but maybe I’ll get to herd sheep,
in the pasture lands above.
God, our Father, is a God of love…none like we’ve ever known,(perfect in every way).
He’s waiting for me, Mom, and Grandpa too,
it really will be O.K.
I’ll send you a sign, Mom, that I’ve made it O.K.
I don’t know how, but I will.
You’ve loved me a lifetime,
Mom, I’m forever your puppy still.
There’s alot of others, that need your love now, Mom, they cry and hope and wait.
I need to sleep, alot, now Mom…the journey’s been great,
but it’s oh so late. My stomach aches,(do you think there is a new body in Heaven for me too, Mom, like for you?).
My food doesn’t work, my brain’s all confused,
Mom, can I rest?
I want you to rest too, Mom,
not just from all of my care,(I know sometimes you love it), but in your heart.
It’s O.K. Mom, I really need a long rest.


I love you forever.
Max Smith
16, May 2003