Max Vaisvila by Vicki Vaisvila / Your family


He came into are lives as a big ball of fur. He loved life and his family. He had a big yard to run and play ball. I knew the day would come when he would be old and not able to do some of the things he loved and eventually would leave this world. He is my best friend. He cuddled with me
when I was lonely.

He made me laugh and smile when I was sad.He fill my heart with unconditional love. My heart is broken now. The grief is almost too much to bear. I hope the tears of pain will turn to joy as I rejoice in the memories he has given to me. Max will never be gone. He is in my heart, my mind, my soul. He is with is brother Jason in heaven playing ball and running.


Love you always,
Max Vaisvila
1, Nov 2005
Vicki Vaisvila