Maxie Cunningham by Cunningham Family / Love always, Mom, Dad, Brittany, Kyle, Justin

I was the first to hold you, and I played mommy. I used to sleep with you on my chest at night when you were smaller, and no one was looking since you werent allowed to sleep on the bed. your the only dog that could survive as many near death experiences as you did and come out stronger and even though you would disappear, you always came home. I understand, you needed to be free to roam and now you can eternally roam. we love you maxie.

~Brittany (mommy)~

Maxie I was the third child to meet you. You were like a mom to me. When I was in trouble or scared you were there for me. It would be the same if you were scared or in trouble. You and I had some good times. Just like they say “dogs are mans best friend.I have always loved you and still will. Justin Your favorite friend aka son.

Hey Maxie this is Kyle. From the car ride home with a little shivering puppy to the years to come of destruction and good memories you were the best always keeping us guessing it never got old with you. You were definitely unique and one of a kind. My fondest memories were when we had the house to ourselves while the others were away all we did was chill and eat watching tv and passing gas when we wanted :).So to my favorite “Everlast” dog in the world I love you and I’ll miss you.

Kyle FBFl(fart buddies for life)


We love you Maxie and always will
Maxie Cunningham
Cunningham Family