Maximillion (Booga) by Patricia

My Booga Boy ”

My dear friend I miss you so
I find it hard to let you go.
The way you walk and the way you breathe
It all had to do with God’s Holy Need.
You can see now with perfect vision
and play again with the Angels in Heaven.
Just wait for me and when I get there
We will run and play without a care.
God’s needs were greater than mine.
He needed your face Maxie to make the sun shine.
Soon I know these tears I cry will turn to joy
Because I know you are happy and at peace “My Booga Boy.”

The doctor said that Maximillion Braveheart
Smith died of heart failure at 3:30PM
The one thing I know my Booga Boy
is that your heart never failed me.

Booga meant the world to me and now he is in Heaven.
His love and warmth still go on.
He is with me in all I do.
As long as I live there will never be
a truer friend then he was to me.
His eyes were so funny. He looked like
he could see around corners.
His face always had an impish grin
and if you said “hamburger” he would
tilt his head like he was saying
” Sure I’ll have one bring it in.”
He hated to be alone and
he followed me everywhere even to bed.
He was anxious with me and anxious without me
and he will always be my best friend.
I love you my Maxie boy BOOGA.

Pat (Mom)


Maximillion (Booga)
2, Sept 2000