Dear Maya,

I found you at the animal shelter on a cold winter day. I remember you caught my eye…such an adorable baby kitten in a cage. I asked to hold you and your little nails gripped on to the shoulder of my coat. I remember you let out a huge sneeze on my coat…they said you had a cold and were being treated with medication I think. You were beautiful and I really wanted to adopt you! I remember bringing you home. My first cat. Looking back I realize how little I knew about raising a cat and how much you taught me over the years. I’m sorry if I didn’t do everything exactly right. I always wanted the best for you and did my very best for you. You became my best furry friend, my companion…with me to listen to me through life’s ups and downs. I always told you how I thought God made you the most beautiful cat…and I really believe that. I trust right now in heaven you are with God and Jesus and you still look so beautiful with your white fur, cool markings, and eyes that were sometimes amber and sometimes green. You were part of my emotional support system, I loved having you with me and in my life. I never, ever wanted you to leave. We were together for almost 2 decades so you became very much a part of me. It was heartbreaking when you got sick. I did everything I could to help you regain your health. Please forgive me for making you take medication, herbal formulas, and home made soup….I wanted something to work to help you feel better and I hope that some of those supplements did ease any discomfort you had. I love you baby girl. I miss you terribly. Everywhere I look are memories of you. You were such a part of me it’s been hard to let you go. I do remind myself that you belong to God your creator and that you are hopefully back with Him feeling wonderful and having a great time. Don’t forget about me….you will always be my baby girl. I love you Maya. Love, Mommy

October 11, 2020