Mayday by Rex Schuler / Love…….Ga-angel

You came into my life when you were 3 yrs old and added a new layer to it, playing in the yard when I came home from work was our bonding time, that’s how I “stole” you from your real owner.

Belly rubs kept you happy, and when needed I was your ‘Ga-angel’, your protector from things that scared you, or momma with a brush looking to groom you.

You protected me from anything you deemed a threat, no matter how big or small you placed yourself in their way keeping me “safe”, as you grew older you slowed down and play time didn’t mean as much to you, but always a peaceful glow in your eyes when you got your belly rubs.

You became our ‘mother’, Max, Griz, Lilith and myself were your children, taken care of just like you did your puppies.

Your passing touched everyone
in your life and
you’ll always be in our hearts.


Baby girl,
13, Mar 2004
Rex Schuler