Mayson by Amber / Mama

Mayson was the most wonderful loving little ferret. All her family and her big sister loved her so much. I got Mayson when she was about six weeks old. She was always so happy and always there to cheer everyone up.

She loved to play with everything and get into anything she could. She especially loved to play with her big sister and grandpa. Mayson started to show signs of sickness in January of 2002 and in March she had surgery and the doctors found that she had cancer. They removed the tumor the best they could and then all we could do was hope and pray. A few months after her surgery she was doing so much better, even better than she was before she had been sick.

She had so much energy and was enjoying her life so much. Her belly started to swell up again but antibiotics helped her. In Novemeber we lost her big sister. After that Mayson was pretty lost without Missey. By late February early March she was not doing well at all.

A couple of days before her death she stopped eating and drinking. I was lucky enough to spend her last day with her. I was going to have her put to sleep on the morning of the 8th of March. The night before I went to put her in her hammack so she could go to bed, but she wouldnt let go of my hand. So I layed next to her all night and when I woke in the morning she was gone.

I take comfort in knowing that she is with her big sister again and that she has her little sleeping partner back. I know that they are taking care of each other in heaven and they are no longer suffering. I will feel forever blessed that I was able to have both of them in my life. I miss you so much Mayson. Mama loves you pucka!


Love forever,
8, Mar 2003