Meeker by Jennifer and Robert Rootes / Your adopted Mom and Dad

We’re not sure exactly how old our Meeker was. We adopted her from a family who was moving out of state and didn’t want to take her with them. We were skeptical about taking on a second dog in our small home, but we did anyway.

She was a joy from day one. The kindest and sweetest dog we’ve ever known. We only had 6 short months with her, but in those six months we loved her so much. She was our girl. Our little angel. We miss her so much and it’s hard to believe we could form such a strong bond in such a short time, but we did. We sent her to heaven yesterday as her body was giving out and it pained us so much to see her in such pain.

We miss you, Meeker and we love you.


With all our love,
Jennifer and Robert Rootes