Meeko by Lisa Stahl / Mom, Dad, Danielle & Kobe

Meeko was a stray found by my husband at his work. He was maybe 6 weeks old.My husband normally would not bring home any stray,yet alone a cat.He seemed to really like him so I decided to keep him.My daughter named him “Meeko” after the racoon on”Pocohontas”.
Meeko was a very loving cat.Loved attention,loved the kids.He only had one problem.He refused to use the liter box.So seven years and three cats later-we buy a brand new house.I knew my husband would not stand for him being in the house and peeing on the carpet.We have a three car garage so we left the cats in the garage for the first few weeks until they got used to the new house.I did let them in the house too.

After 3 months of living here we lost our beloved cat “Apples”.To this day we do not know what happened to her,but we tried to keep watch on the other two cats.Two months later-and we are leaving for the day.It was a warm day so I decided to leave the garage door open a pinch so the cats could go in and out.Normally I would not do this if we were not going to be home,but for some reason I did this day.
Meeko was terrified.Right away he started clawing and hanging on the windows.Running in the house when ever we came inside to get stuff to take with us for the day.I had never seen him act this way.On my last trip inside to grab my keys he again ran inside.I pried him off of me and put him on the porch.When we backed out of the drive way I looked for him but he was gone.When we came home that night he never came home.

Two days later we hung up signs.The next day we had two birthday parties to go to.For some reason,by the second party I just wanted to go home.I packed up my son and just me and him went home.At almost three blocks from my street I went to turn and there in the dark I saw something.I thought that could’nt be and kept driving,then I stopped-paused for a moment and drove back.My son was asleep in the car.I got out and went over and saw him.It was Meeko.He had been hit by a car.He looked like he was just going to roll over like he would when he wanted you to pet his belly,only he was’nt alive any more.I pet his head and then just got in my car and drove home,not truley believing what I saw.I put my son in his bed and went to call my husband to come home.As I was going to call him I noticed there was a message on the machine.I checked it.

A lady had called to tell me her boys had found my cat and that she was sorry but that he was dead.I think thats when it really hit me and I just lost it.Meeko I am so sorry for what happened to you.I should have known that day that you were trying to tell me something.I wish my last memory of you was not that of you being so afraid and of me taking you off of me and leaving you outside.

I know I was not the one driving the car that hit you but I am still to blame.I think about that day all the time and will never get over losing you.


I love you and will miss you forever,
Lisa Stahl