Meepie the Flower Cat by Tracy Rosenberg / Your Loving Human

Meepie the Flower Cat came to us from a feral TNR program where she had been taken in when she was found as a terrified stray hanging around on the edges of an established colony.

After five months in a no-kill shelter where she had attracted exactly no interest, we took her home – where she promptly took refuge under the bed for five straight weeks. I can’t tell you how much time I spent on my side talking gently to those wide staring eyes. Slowly, slowly, slowly, she started to come back to life, aided by an undying passion for tuna fish and a gallant spirit for such a frightened little girl.

While she ran from strangers for her entire life, she soon became my little companion, demanding her petting breaks with an ever more imperious meow, flinging her old favorite red mouse around the living room, joyously presenting her butt for the much loved rear end scratch and carefully licking the gravy off of every last piece of her wet food. She had the most gentle and sweet temperament under all that fear, and even though she hated going to the vet and getting her Frontline more than just about anything – she always forgave me in the end and came back for more love. Giving her a happy home for two and a half years after the hell of her early life will always be one of the best things

I have ever done. Watching her sun in the garden and chase butterflies was joyous – when you remembered the sad and somber little creature that she was. Meepie was hit by a car on October 8, 2005 and I miss her terribly.


Rest in Peace, little Meep-Meep.
Meepie the Flower Cat
8, Oct 2005
Tracy Rosenberg