Meggie May by John Meissner / Your Johnny

My Meggie May came to me at a very difficult time in my life. I had just sent my beloved Willis to the Rainbow Bridge a few months earlier and after a long and frustrating search, a good friend introduced me to a co-worker of his who had a pregnant schnauzer. It turns out that Meggie was the only puppy her Momma EVER had! We met at her human Momma Judy’s house and her Uncle Terry was there too. After an initial sniff and a walk away, plus some pretty good acting on my part(“Oh, she’s beautiful, so cute, I love her, she’s so sweet!”), I got to take her outside for potty. This tiny little bundle of fur danced around my feet and it was then that I knew she had chosen me. (I choke up just thinking about that night.) I came over to visit her a couple of times, to play and get to know her better. Then, one evening in early November 1997, her human momma Judy said: “Do you want to take her home tonight?” I practically screamed “YES!!!!” That began a great adventure
that lasted nearly eight years.

Meggie was indeed very special. Because she was so tiny at birth and not expected to live, she kept all her ears and all her tail. This gave her a unique look that turned heads wherever we went.

Soon after, we were joined by her big brother Freckles, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We traveled the country together and enjoyed each other’s company wherever we were. Meggie was very friendly and would run to meet and greet everyone she saw.
I was such a proud “Doggie Daddy!”

In late March 2005, I noticed some small signs that Meggie was slowing down a bit. Then, in early April, she became quite ill. A trip to the doggie doctor provided some treatment and a course of action to follow, but clearly my little “Sweet Sweets” was quite uncomfortable. When her condition became noticeably worse the next morning, we returned to the vet. It was during that visit that she had had enough and despite the doctor’s best efforts, Meggie began her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I cried many tears that day and in the time that has followed. Her big brother Freckles misses her very much, as does her “New Momma” Kim and her little schnauzer brother Snoopy, that she never got to meet.

My heart still aches at not being able to hold her in my arms. But the pictures, videos and memories will keep her alive in my heart forever. We all miss you Meggie. Run free with Willis at the Bridge and I’ll look forward to the day when we’ll be reunited, never again to part.


With unending love,
Meggie May
7, Apr 2005
John Meissner