MEGGY by Mary G. Hill / Love,

Mary G,, Mike and J.J.

Thine and Mine”

I closely held within my arms
A jewel rare;
Never had one so rich and pure
Engaged my care;
God gave it to me:
‘Twas mine, who else could care for it,
So tenderly?

But the Master came one day
My gem to take;
“I cannot let it go, I cried,
My heart would break!”
“Nay, but the Master comes for it,
To bear above
To deck His royal diadem,
He comes in love.”

“But, Master, it is my treasure,
My jewel rare,
I’ll safely guard and keep it pure,
And very fair”;
“If thou keep’st My gem, He said,
It may be lost;
The threshold of My home, no thief
Has ever crossed.”

“And where the heart’s rich treasure is,
The heart will be;
Thy jewel will be safe above,
Gone before thee.”
The Master said these words and gazed
With pitying look,
While in the early hush of morn
My gem He took.

Close to my heart that morn I held,
Tears falling fast,
An empty casket–the bright gem
Was safe at last.
“Yes, Master, Thou may’st keep my own,
For it is Thine;
Safe in the house not made with hands,
Tis Thine and mine.”

From Streams In The Desert, Vol. 5


18, June 1998
Mary G. Hill